5. #SavoirFaire


  6. Turntable Wizardry 


  7. Marilyn


  8. A Lost Soul

    Tragic is the loss of an old soul, lost in what appeared to be that of his flesh. Is the love of thy soul not as significant of that of thy flesh. No longer shall we continue the path of unrighteousness, but forever shall we keep our faith, hope, and we shall see the love and grace we were blessed with when we were brought into this world. Tragic is the loss of an old soul, lost in what appears to be that of his flesh, love that of thy soul and not of thy flesh and no longer shall we live in fear of our own death.



  10. MightyBlendz

    prod. joshdgg

    The Mad Wealth Co.



  12. L.T.G.

    God, i give you all of me and trust that you will guide me in my path to holiness. So that it may bring more joy into my life. I beg of you to please have mercy on us and bless us so that we may yield from temptation. Lord, i think about you all the time. I know i should have faith without seeing. Please give me the courage to realize the truth and to have faith in you. You have always kept your promise and have always answered my prayers. Please continue to watch over us with all your angels and saints; we love you so much. In Jesus name now forever and ever amen .


  13. NORCO

    Listen to my music @ Soundcloud.com/stuhzy Stuhzy.bandcamp.com

  14. Wiz Khalifa - On a Plane


  15. Wiz Khalifa - James Bong